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How to Write a JavaScript Library

There's a lot of steps to creating and maintaining an open source library. It's like becoming a parent. Open source libraries can be quite demanding, impatient, and time consuming. Some libraries are small enough that they're pretty easy to create and don't need to be maintained when they're "done…

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First Timers Only

I've started doing something recently that's been really rewarding. I'm the maintainer of angular-formly a fairly popular library for forms with AngularJS . I've committed a lot of code and the library has 33 contributors right now. For at least five of these contributors, it was their first…

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Newspaper Code Structure

Your code should read like a newspaper article. Important stuff at the top, details at the bottom. I have a particular convention for my code that leverages some of the querks of JavaScript to produce much consumable code. I want my code to be easy to read by people regardless of their editor (or…

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