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Advanced React Patterns Workshop

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Learn how to build simple and flexible React Components and Hooks using modern patterns

Making React components and hooks that can be used in multiple places is not hard. What is hard is when the use cases differ. Without the right patterns, you can find yourself with a highly complex component or custom hook that requires a lot of configuration props and way too many if statements.

With this workshop, you'll not only learn great patterns you can use but also the strengths and weaknesses of each, so you know which to reach for to provide your custom hooks and components the flexibility and power you need.


  • Use the Compound Components Pattern to write React components that implicitly share state while giving rendering flexibility to the user
  • Provide total logic control with the Controlled Props and State Reducer Patterns
  • Take advantage of React's Context API to share state throughout the application with the Provider Pattern
  • And more...


  • Attend my Advanced React Hooks Workshop or have the equivalent experience. You should be experienced with useContext and useReducer (experience with useMemo and useCallback is a bonus).