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Essential React JSX Workshop

Learn the basic fundamentals of JSX and JavaScript expressions

Working effectively with React requires an understanding of JSX and React elements. Many engineers work with React for months or years without ever having a clear idea of how JSX works or what it even really is. They memorize a list of rules and miss out on opportunities to make their code more expressive and maintainable.

In this workshop, you’ll learn everything you need to be effective with the fundamental building block of React applications. When you’re finished, you’ll go back to your applications and refactor your components to be simpler, more flexible, and easier to maintain because of what you’ve learned.


  • Create HTML elements with React's createElement API
  • JSX Syntax Tips and Tricks
  • JavaScript Expressions
  • Use JSX to create React elements for DOM nodes
  • Create custom component React elements with React’s createElement API
  • Use JSX to create custom component React elements
  • Using React Fragments
  • What is the “key” prop and how to use it effectively