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Join Kent C. Dodds for "TypeScript to know for React"

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The problem statement

Runtime errors are annoying in development

And they're devastating in production

You could have 100% automated test code coverage on your entire application and still experience a runtime error. Sure is a good thing you've tested every permutation of data for every function in isolation and integration right? right... 😐

How's the discoverability of your data models? When a developer with inexperience in the codebase jumps in, how much time are they console logging objects to figure out what properties they've got? Too much time. That's the answer.

At the end of this workshop you'll be able to do all of these things yourself.

Here's why you should register for the workshop.

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  1. 01.How to get started with TypeScript

    If you've never used TypeScript before, it can seem like an overwhelming proposition. It looks a lot like JavaScript, but sometimes it can feel like a completely different language. This, combined with perfectionist in all of us can result in poorly typed code, so we'll learn some strategies of how to adopt TypeScript properly to avoid beginner-you laying waste to your codebase.

  2. 02.How to use and write TypeScript Generic Types

    I'll give this one to you right now: They're functions for types. That's it. Wondering what that even means? Come to the workshop to find out!

  3. 03.How to properly type React components and hooks

    Much of what we learn in this workshop will be general TypeScript knowledge, but we'll focus on TypeScript topics that are particularly applicable to React applications.

  4. 04.What to do when you can't make TypeScript happy

    The TypeScript-experienced among you might chuckle at this one a bit because it's true. Sometimes you try everything and just can't seem to get rid of those red squigglies. We'll talk about strategies you can employ to get those things to go away without losing type safety.

The topics we will be covering.

This is what we will talk about.

    Complete introduction to TypeScript types and type inference
    Typing utility functions
    Introduction to using and writing generic types
    Typing React Form events
    Appropriate type casting
Required experience

You should have experience with these JavaScript features.

Important Note

Depending on the questions asked during the workshop, or necessary changes in the material, the actual content of the workshop could differ from the above mentioned topics.

What to expect from a Kent C. Dodds workshop

My primary goal is retention. If you can't remember what I've taught you, then the whole experience was a waste of our time.

With that in mind, we'll follow the teaching strategy I've developed over years of teaching (learn more about my teaching strategy here).

The short version is, you'll spend the majority of time working through exercises that are specifically crafted to help you experiment with topics you may have never experienced before. I intentionally put you into the deep end and let you struggle a bit to prepare your brain for the instruction.

Based on both my personal experience and scientific research around how people learn, this is an incredibly efficient way to ensure you understand and remember what you're learning. This is just one of the strategies I employ to improve your retention. I think you'll love it!

I'm excited to be your guide as we learn together!

Don't just take my word for it.

What participants have to say.

β€œ is a treasure! It helped me understand how do things work internally, real world practices and top quality code that I still refer to, to this day. The effort, passion that has been dedicated towards this course is immeasurable and it also got me my first internship!”

Fares Essayeh profile

Fares Essayeh

Frontend Developer

β€œEven with nearly 2 years of React experience, helped me to refresh and even learn better the basic stuff and apply more advanced patterns to real use cases.”

Vasilis Drosatos profile

Vasilis Drosatos

Senior Frontend Developer

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