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Introducing Season 5 of Chats with Kent

Kent C. Dodds introduces this season of the Chats with Kent podcast. It's all about the speakers at Epic Web Conf 2024

Kent C. Dodds introduces Season 5 of "Chats with Kent," highlighting its unique focus on the speakers of the upcoming Epic WebConf 2024 on April 11th. This season aims to familiarize listeners with the conference speakers through 10-15 minute intros, offering insights into their backgrounds and what they'll be discussing. Kent encourages both attending the conference in person for a richer experience and utilizing the available live stream for those unable to attend. This season serves as a platform for listeners to engage with the content and speakers, whether they plan to participate in-person or online.

Meet at Epic Web Conf.



Kent: Hey Hey folks, it's Kent C. Dodds here and I am excited to introduce to you Chats with Kent Season 5. So, it's been a while since last season, but this season is gonna be special and a little unique from the previous seasons for any of you who have listened to the past seasons, which by the way, you absolutely can go back, listen to the other seasons, because most of that content is pretty evergreen. So I do recommend if this is your first season, go on back and listen to some of the others.

Kent: But. Anyway, this season is going to be all about the speakers of Epic WebConf 2024. So in April, this year 2024, on April 11th, we're gonna be doing a conference for Epic Web. And we're going to have some epic speakers for that event. So I'm really excited about this and I want you to get to know these speakers. So each one of the speakers has about like 10 to 15 minutes. intros of themselves as part of this season of Chats with Kent. These are really remarkable people and they have a lot of really awesome stuff to share.

Kent: I hope that you can make it out to the conference so that you can meet each one of these people, but if you can't, we do have a live stream that you'll be able to tune into so that you can experience the conference at least in that way. And we'll also have an area where you can go. during the event so that you can rub shoulders with other people who are joining remotely as well. So you don't have to feel so alone. Because I think everything is better when we do things together. But if you can make it out to the conference, then you're gonna have just an amazing time.

Kent: Either way, you're going to definitely want to get to know these speakers. And so that is why we've got this season five of Chats with Kent so you can get to know them. They're gonna tell us a little bit about themselves, about what they're gonna be talking about. and what they're hoping to talk with you about at the conference or online. So I am excited to introduce to you the Chats with Kent Season 5. We'll see you on the internet.

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