The Testimony of Jesus Christ by Kent C. Dodds

Jesus Is Resurrected and Appears to Mary Magdalene
Jesus Is Resurrected and Appears to Mary Magdalene

I know that there is more to life than to be born and to die. Through my experiences in life, I have come to know that before coming to this earth, each of us was a spirit and a member of a Heavenly Family. Our Heavenly Father and Mother love us dearly and prepared a plan for us to grow and become as They are. This plan involved our coming to Earth to receive a body as They have and returning to live again after our experience in life.

However, to grow to become like our Heavenly Parents, we must learn to exercise faith. So it is required that we remember none of our pre-mortal existence. As a result, all of us would make mistakes and sin. This would prevent us from returning to live with God because no unclean thing can live in the presence of God.

To solve this problem, Heavenly Father chose our spirit brother, Jesus Christ, to come to Earth Himself, live a perfect life, and perform the Atonement to pay the price to give each of us the opportunity to repent and become clean again.

I know that Jesus Christ died for me, and for you. And because of this, He can make us clean again if we follow His example, strive to keep His commandments, and repent when we make mistakes. I know that everything unfair about life can be made right through Jesus Christ.

To teach us about Jesus Christ and what He expects of us, God has called and sent Prophets throughout all time. The writings of ancient prophets can be found in the Bible and The Book of Mormon. We also have modern prophets in our day and they receive inspiration, revelation, and authority from God to lead His children in His church which is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I know by listening and following the teachings of ancient and modern prophets, we can be certain we know all we need to do to access the power of Jesus Christ.

I know this perfect plan is available to all, and I am forever grateful to our Heavenly Parents who made it possible for us to grow to become as They are. I know that through this plan I can be with my family forever. I don't know everything, but I know without a doubt that by following Jesus Christ, we can find joy in this life, and eternal joy in the life to come. And I will do everything within my power to ensure that future for myself and those I love.

– Kent C. Dodds

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