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KCD meetup group was my entry point to the world of streaming! There I shared topics related with Accessibility, which was very interesting in a community mostly focus on JS/React. A lot of interesting topics were explored after each meetup.

These meetups also gave me the confidence I needed to start streaming on other platforms (eg Twitch). Thank you Kent for that open door!

Sandrina Pereira profile

Sandrina Pereira

Lead Frontend Engineer

Kent’s Discord community is filled with incredible people that are eager to learn and to help others. I learn so much everyday and I was also able to help many others at the best of my capacity there.

Ricardo Busquet profile

Ricardo Busquet

Software Engineer @ Carta

This course gave me insight to testing like never before. We learned how to build an assertion library! And I haven't even finished it yet. The videos are really easy to code along and transcripts are a great read while travelling. Highly recommended to you and your colleagues.

Bernard Baker profile

Bernard Baker

Front End Engineer

Kent C. Dodds has a remarkable ability to dive deep into the core of React while maintaining crystal-clear explanations.

Rija Nifaliana profile

Rija Nifaliana

Senior Frontend Engineer

There is more to Kent than just being a great teacher and a knowledgeable person. He is kind, authentic and inspiring. He inspired me to learn new things by teaching others. Also it is very impressive and heartwarming how he leads his great Discord community by example.

Bouwe profile


Software Engineer @ WebinarGeek

I've never been in such a helpful community before. The people there are truly sharing what they know without holding back and answering questions all the time. I was able to solve my daily tasks and grow rapidly in my progression towards higher salary and mastery.

Mert Efe Işıkgör profile

Mert Efe Işıkgör

JavaScript Developer at

I've been developing across the stack for around 5 years but there were always areas I never fully grasped.

Going through with Kent has shined a light on those unknown areas.

Finishing the course gave me the confidence to start my own agency and take on my first client! I couldn't have done it so quickly without the knowledge from EpicWeb, thank you Kent! 🚀

Devon Neill profile

Devon Neill

Full Stack Software Engineer and Consultant

Whilst job searching, I knew I had to improve my React skills beyond what I'd picked up doing my own projects. Thanks to Kent's workshop, I was able to fill in any gaps in my knowledge, which led to me being hired for my first Software Engineering role.

His teachings are cohesive and objective, pointing out best practices and their inevitable drawbacks. I look forward to seeing his future work for the developer community!

Jack profile


Junior Software Engineer

I went from developing in Angular to React in weeks. Epic React gave me everything I needed to know to walk into my new company and be on par with my coworkers that have been working here for years. The course is an investment but worth it! It doesn’t just tell you what to do, but it explains how to do it and why.

Eddie Hinkle profile

Eddie Hinkle

Lead Front-End Engineer, Glassdoor

Even as a dev with many years of experience building production apps in React, I still learned a lot from EpicReact. The advanced patterns was especially useful to me as it formalized some patterns I've seen in the wild but never really understood.

There's a lot of stuff in this course I keep coming back to. The biggest takeaway for me has been how much it's helped me formalize my understanding in React. Kent offers first principles of React fundamentals and systematizing React composition patterns that help get a handle on React.

Michael Tedla profile

Michael Tedla

Software Engineer at Levitate

It was 🤯. A lot of fun, and I learned so much in one day. My understanding of how the web actually works is now more and I got excited about Remix too. Pumped to put it all into practice. 13/10.

Gwen Shapira profile

Gwen Shapira

Co-founder @ Nile

I love how Kent teaches. He makes a complex topic easy to understand.

Judicaël Andriamahandry profile

Judicaël Andriamahandry

Frontend Engineer

I feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered Kent and his work through a colleague. His content and materials have been a true game-changer for me, and I cannot overstate the wealth of knowledge and guidance he has provided to people like me and the entire industry.

In my interactions with Kent, whether online or in person, I have found him to be an incredibly kind and down-to-earth human. He doesn't hesitate a second to share his invaluable knowledge. He is my true inspiration and mentor, and I'm truly grateful for everything he has done. Thank you very much, Kent!

Amir Ziaei profile

Amir Ziaei

Software Enginner at Zenitech

I started working as a Junior Frontend Developer in July 2020. Being a high school dropout, I was desperate for the best resources out there, that would level up my skills and help me grow in my career. I have gone through both EpicReact and TestingJavaScript, they have helped me tremendously, in words I can't even describe. In the 11th month of working, I got promoted from Junior to Mid.

Tiger Abrodi profile

Tiger Abrodi

Frontend Developer

The confidence and the solid concepts that I ve learned in EpicReact made me land my first react job this month. I nailed the technical interview and felt so grateful to Kent! Thanks my friend!

Diego Alvarez profile

Diego Alvarez

Ssr React Developer

After signing up to EpicReact, I gained a lot of knowledge regarding advanced things in React, and that helped me to double my salary in less than 2 years.

Now I feel confident to use fancy things like compound components, context module functions or prop collectors. EpicReact was the little push that I needed.

Alan Medina profile

Alan Medina

Frontend Engineer

I was able to use what I learned from to make productive changes in the testing culture in the team. The small video lessons that focus on topics are convenient to search and find the answer to the specific problems I had with testing.

Praveen Senadheera profile

Praveen Senadheera

Software Engineer is a treasure! It helped me understand how do things work internally, real world practices and top quality code that I still refer to, to this day. The effort, passion that has been dedicated towards this course is immeasurable and it also got me my first internship!

Fares Essayeh profile

Fares Essayeh

Frontend Developer

Even with nearly 2 years of React experience, helped me to refresh and even learn better the basic stuff and apply more advanced patterns to real use cases.

Vasilis Drosatos profile

Vasilis Drosatos

Senior Frontend Developer

I was surprised of how Epic Web community is so friendly and supportive. I have had some troubles with testing library and discovered Epic Web discord channel and a lot of people there was ready to help. Kent has build an amazing community in which members loves sharing a knowledge!

Azizbek Jonibekov profile

Azizbek Jonibekov

Software Engineer at

Kent's Discord community is amazing! Together with the Epic React workshop it took me too a different level in my career. The amount of knowledge exchange in there is amazing. Everyone is so helpful. I was able to get my most recent job through a friend I met in there. Not only is it great for all dev things, it's a great place to meet some really kind people and make friends. I am really appreciative of the work Kent has put in to taking care of his community.

Yago Pereira Azevedo profile

Yago Pereira Azevedo

Software Engineer @BitGo

Epic Web Discord Community is the best community out there. When I first joined the server I was amazed by the environment that I was in! Curated channels, great moderation, and great people to help you all the time. It made me feel like home <3

Epic React gave me a lot more confidence as a developer and I was able to directly apply what I learned at my job. Not only do I produce higher quality code, but I'm also more capable at code reviews and better at sharing knowledge with others.

If you are self-motivated and want to deepen your understanding then this is a phenomenal workshop that will pay off tenfold. I had about 3 years of experience working with React prior to taking the workshop and not long after completing it I got a promotion - I attribute a lot of my success to the things I learned in Epic React!

Lydia Hendriks profile

Lydia Hendriks

Software Engineer

I was speechless the moment Kent C Dodds started teaching me about Compound Components, In Epic React Course. The quality of content he puts on for the community is incredible.

Amandeep Kochhar profile

Amandeep Kochhar

Full Stack Developer

Epic React and Testing JavaScript are amazing resources. Coming out of a coding bootcamp, I felt like I had gaps in my depth of knowledge regarding React and Testing principles.

Kent's courses filled in those knowledge gaps and after applying the information from the courses to my projects, I was able to get my first full-time software engineer role. Highly recommend!

Matthew Herzog profile

Matthew Herzog

Software Engineer

Kent is gooda** at JS.

Wes Bos profile

Wes Bos

Fullstack Dev

Epic Web workshops covers almost all the aspects of web development to help you build your own apps using Remix. After going through the workshops I have much better understanding of the web platform in general.

Saurabh Prakash profile

Saurabh Prakash

Full Stack Developer, Freelance

Because of Kent's teachings, my team and I are proficient and comfortable in React best practices. Our code is consistent and clean, and our applications are speedy and superb. Thanks Kent!

Cameron Pak profile

Cameron Pak

YouVersion Bible

Thanks to Kent, I‘m very happy about how I use state management (with React Query) and many other tricks that make me a better programmer.

Johannes Hörteis profile

Johannes Hörteis

Supreme Commander @ ProPro Productions

This community helped me land my first software engineering job! Being active in the community, discussing problems and helping people has been the best decision I could make professionally. On this journey I have made some really great friends too and I could keep going about all the nice things that come with the community. You really have to be a part of it to experience it.

Arpan Chattopadhyay profile

Arpan Chattopadhyay

Software Engineer, Healthifyme

Incredibly good training videos. Kent C. Dodds not only shows you how, he explains why and does so in a way that is easy to consume without ever being boring. Definitely recommended.

Jared Jardine profile

Jared Jardine

Senior Software Engineer - Frontend

Before meeting Kent, I was well versed in JS and intermediate in React. After going through his content (EpicReact + TestingJavaScript), asking questions in Discord and office hours, I learned so much that at the end I wrote my own book on React & test driven design!



Staff Engineer, Test Architect - Extend

I am learning It's good!

zhu baohua profile

zhu baohua


You can call me an Epic React 🥑 (Advocate), there is no better React course around. Kent's approach to teaching is the one that resonates the most with me. The pacing is amazing and he really focus on practice.

This course helped me understand React at a much deeper level. It builds up in the fundamentals and progress extremely well into the advanced topics. Best course investment I made to date.

Yago Pereira Azevedo profile

Yago Pereira Azevedo

Software Engineer @BitGo

Kent's workshops redefine frontend development. Boasting a curriculum that spans from Full Stack essentials to specialized areas like data modeling, it's the pinnacle of tech education. Kent's cutting-edge platform merges real-world coding exercises into the learning experience. Skip the theory; this is hands-on, practical wisdom. For anyone committed to mastering frontend, the value here is unbeatable.

Paweł Pawłowski profile

Paweł Pawłowski

Senior Frontend Developer

The content is so good that anyone who completed Epic React is a safe hire from a tech knowledge perspective.

Sergio Xalambrí profile

Sergio Xalambrí

Web Developer at Daffy

If it's anything to do with JavaScript and it's written or recorded by Kent, you can trust that it'll be world-class. I've been following Kent's journey since his early days on his Angular.js podcast and I can confirm that he is the full package when it comes to teaching excellence in web development.

Robin Wieruch profile

Robin Wieruch

Software Engineer

I can say that without a doubt, and I ain't kidding here, I wouldn't be where I am today in my career without Kent's dedication and penchant for creating amazing learning material. After almost 4 years of learning from him, you'd think I'd stop being surprised with how great a job he does developing courses, but here I am again, surprised and blown away by the experience I'm having on The experience of learning on is in a league of its own.

Taran Bains profile

Taran Bains

Senior Software Engineer

Kent is a great teacher. Coming to JavaScript world and learning and implementing React in daily life was made so easy by this course. The hands on working on project and his tips were greatly helpful in real life.

Apoorv Kansal profile

Apoorv Kansal

Lead Front End Developer

Most of my knowledge of React came from hands on experience at work, but there was so much to learn in Kent’s! It was extremely impactful in my career. I find myself coming back to the materials many times to review and tune up my skills.

We were able to implement multiple of the patterns and concepts from the workshop, increasing test coverage, code quality, and overall user experience in multiple products.

Ricardo Busquet profile

Ricardo Busquet

Software Enginner @ Carta

I have to state for the record that Kent's site is incredibly well thought-through and user experience is unmatched (note that I have nearly 40 years of experience with user experience).

Nikolaj Ivancic profile

Nikolaj Ivancic

Congral, LLC

I'm a part of Discord Community, where I've learned a lot. Not just by getting help from great friends over there, but also helping others and in turn, consistently finding myself learning new things, or understanding things I already new much better.

Tiger Abrodi profile

Tiger Abrodi

Frontend Developer

Kent's educational content has been a continual font of inspiration and knowledge for me to draw upon over the years. After years of work, I was promoted to Senior Engineer and he's been a cornerstone of my professional development, and I consider him a giant upon whose shoulders I proudly stand.

So I'd like to thank Kent for all of his contributions to the industry, and for striving to make it - and the world - a better place.

Andrew James profile

Andrew James

Senior Engineer, Coinbase

Advanced React Hooks was crucial in solidifying my understanding of React. This workshop was so good that I couldn't help but write a blog post about my experience. Not only is this workshop great but Kent C. Dodds is my go to resource for all things React.

David Han profile

David Han

Engineer at Greenhouse Software

I've had the pleasure to attend Kent's - Advanced React Hooks, back in 2020 and it was such a insightful course. Kent has a knack of breaking complex subjects which are easier for every developer to understand.

His workshops are worth the investment Even topics like - Concurrency, memo, callbacks & effects, which would otherwise be daunting to completely comprehend, are simplified. Highly recommend his workshops and his website -

Pramod Jingade profile

Pramod Jingade

INSCALE Asia Sdn. Bhd

Getting 14 days worth of full blown workshops for less than the price of 2 days of workshops, is worth every penny!

Michaël De Boey profile

Michaël De Boey

Freelance full stack JavaScript/TypeScript & React engineer

Just wanted to say I finished the full Epic React and am very happy with the results. I can finally understand a codebase I've been working on for a few years primarily written by another god-tier React developer.

It was a super challenging codebase to follow before but Epic React touched on every essential concept and now I no longer feel lost.

I had to re-train Front End after switching from Angular and I must say this class has made it possible for me to re-tool and re-skill without getting too discouraged by how much time it would normally take. THANK YOU KENT! You are an AMAZING teacher!

Benjamin Matthews profile

Benjamin Matthews

Senior Developer

Coming from a Ruby on Rails background, I had to pretty much learn React on the job and it was always hard to find the right patterns and don't even get me started on testing! After taking both EpicReact and TestingJs courses I got a much better understanding of the tradeoffs and benefits of each pattern and on the road I also had fun learning fundamental web things I inadvertedly had been neglecting. KCD takes you back from Tutorial Hell!

Rowin Hernandez profile

Rowin Hernandez

Synphonyte, Senior SWE

I used Epic React not to just upskill myself but I took the knowledge gained from the course and added them to patterns I showed coworkers and mentees. The teaching and learning approach that the platform implements utilizes some of the best learning and memory techniques available from modern research in those fields.

Jacob M-G Evans profile

Jacob M-G Evans

Sr. FullStack Engineer

I can't say enough positive things about Epic React. I've not only improved so many gaps I've had with React but have finally found how I learn best, well, Kent figured it out with how he created this course. After the Epic React I felt confident enough to begin freelancing and just shipped my first client site!

Conor Gaughan profile

Conor Gaughan

Forge Labs LLC

I'm still in the first steps of EpicWeb but the platform alone says how much care and thought gone into it. When Kent says "it's not meant for passive consumption," he means it and delivers an awesome active learning experience. I've gone through multiple courses, but this one clearly raises the bar (and probably ruins others ones for me 😆). It kinda feels like coming back to a classroom with a teacher and exercises to be done in the best way possible.

Bruno Noriller profile

Bruno Noriller

Programmer is amazing! I knew almost immediately that the cost was justified. I'm self-taught, and Kent clearly and concisely filled in gaps in my knowledge and corrected assumptions I incorrectly relied on.

Josh Payette profile

Josh Payette

Software Developer has completely changed the way I approach writing React. It gave me a deeper understanding which has resulted in better performance, less bugs and components that are easier to understand and maintain.

Kevin Bailey profile

Kevin Bailey

Senior Front End Developer

If I were to choose one word to describe the Epic React Course, that would be "Masterpiece". Not only because it shares so much invaluable information and approaches on the topics that are elaborated, but also the way how the workshops are built in; first encouraging the attendant to understand the problem and pushing them forward to find a solution (with the help of guides and tips), and then showing an alternative and genuine approach to the same problem. Thank you for this amazing learning experience, Kent!

Emre Baltaci profile

Emre Baltaci

Web developer at Optimal Web Apps

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