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Hi, I'm Kent C. Dodds. I help people make the world better through quality software.

Kent C. Dodds


Why your team needs

Dear Boss, Our team has been working hard to make the product serve our customers the best we can. It's been a real challenge. One of our biggest problems is code quality. We let too many… Read →

Inversion of Control

Watch "Implement Inversion of Control" on If you've ever… Read →

Understanding React's key prop

Play around with this form: Specifically, try changing the subject, then switch the topic and notice that the value in the input field doesn't change to a more sensible subject. Even if you… Read →

How to Enable React Concurrent Mode

React's new Concurrent Mode has just been published in the experimental release channel . It's the result of years of research and that shows. If you'd like to learn more about why it's… Read →

How to add testing to an existing project

We've all been there. You're working on an app that was "just a prototype" and was "definitely not going to get shipped this way." Or maybe you didn't have time to prototype it, and you… Read →

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