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Hi, I'm Kent C. Dodds. I help people make the world better through quality software.

Kent C. Dodds


One simple trick to optimize React re-renders

I was preparing a blog post on a subject related to React re-renders when I stumbled upon this little React gem of knowledge I think you'll really appreciate:… Read →


We all want to have codebases that are easy to maintain, so we start out with the best of intentions to make our codebase (or our corner of the codebase) maintainable and easy to understand… Read →

When to useMemo and useCallback

Current Available Translations: Korean Here's a candy dispenser: Here's how it's implemented: Now I want to ask you a question and I want you to think hard about it before moving forward. I… Read →

What open source project should I contribute to?

This is a question I've had countless times: Pranu first pull request soon after tweeting this… Read →

Avoid the Test User

The two users your UI code has are 1) The end user that's interacting with your component and 2) the developer rendering your component. Imagine you have the following UI (taken from my… Read →

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