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Hi, I'm Kent C. Dodds. I help people make the world better through quality software.

Kent C. Dodds


How to optimize your context value

NOTE: I want to add that the times it's important to optimize your context value is when a certain combination of the following conditions are met: Your context value changes frequently Your… Read →

How to use React Context effectively

In Application State Management with React , I talk about how using a mix of local state and React Context can help you manage state well in any React application. I showed some examples… Read →

Application State Management with React

Managing state is arguably the hardest part of any application. It's why there are so many state management libraries available and more coming around every day (and even some built on top… Read →

How to know what to test

Knowing how to test is great and important. I've created a LOT of content that teaches people the fundamentals of testing, how to configure tools, how to write tests for specific scenarios… Read →

AHA Testing 💡

The AHA Programming Principle stands for "Avoid Hasty Abstraction." I have specific feelings about how this applies to writing maintainable tests. Most of the tests that I've seen in the… Read →

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