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What is it?

Discord is a chat application. The KCD Community on Discord is a community of people who want to make connections, share ideas, and use software to help make the world a better place.

Make connections and friends

We're better when we work together. Discord allows us to have meaningful and nuanced conversations about building software. If you want to ask questions or provide your own opinions, this discord community is for you. We'll celebrate your successes and lament your misfortunes and failures. This community is focused on software development primarily, but we're humans and we embrace that (we even have a channel on parenting!).

Share ideas

This community is a fantastic place to get and provide feedback on fun and interesting ideas. We're all motivated to use software to make the world better in a wide variety of ways. Got a project you've been working on? Want to discover facinating ways people are using software? This is the place to be.

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Here are some features for you at a glance.

High quality people

Our onboarding process, enforced code of conduct, and fantastic moderators keep it a friendly place to be.

Learning clubs

Form study groups and learn better together.


Discord-bot facilitated feature to plan virtual events (like streams) and connect with other devs.

Software Channels

Channels on popular topics like frontend, backend, career, and more.

Life Channels

We're not robots. We're people. And we have kids, pets, and money. Channels for those and more.

Jobs channel

Looking for work or an engineer? You wouldn't be the first to start an employment relationship here. Channels

There's a channel for each of the workshops in so you can get/give a hand when you get stuck. Channels

Leveling up your testing experience? Sweet! Get and give help in these channels.

Team Channels

Sign up for an account on and connect your discord account to get access to the exclusive team channels.

KCD Learning Clubs are like study groups you put together yourself.

Having a group of people with the same challenges will help you learn faster. The discord bot can help you find them.

When we learn together, we learn better, and that's the idea.

Research has shown that learning is more effective when you have a group of people to hold you accountable. It's also more fun and less frustrating when you can help each other.

You can choose anything as your learning club topic.

A learning club can be about anything. All that's really required is some sort of curriculum or schedule to keep everyone focused on the same goal. So you can definitely choose one of my courses, but you could also choose something completely unrelated to software. The bot doesn't care and nobody's had trouble filling their learning club with interested members yet!

Develop friendships with other nice learners in the community.

The KCD Community on Discord is full of friendly people. When you put together a learning club here, in addition to learning better, you'll develop new friendships.

You have access to me (Kent) during weekly office hours.

By joining the KCD Community on Discord, you can ask questions that I'll answer during office hours. Often these questions come from discussions you and your fellow learners have during your learning club meetings. So if you all get stuck on the same thing, I'm there to help you get unstuck.

Enjoy community meetups in the discord server (and host your own!).

Voice and video chats hosted and managed on the KCD Discord server.

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  1. 01.What are "meetups"?

    It's an event. It can be about anything and have any format.

  2. 02.So, how do I use them?

    You go to the meetups channel to see who's hosting meetups and let the bot know which you'd like to be notified about.

  3. 03.Can I organize meetups myself or are there only curated meetups?

    Anyone can host a meetup. Simply tell the bot about what you want to do and it'll let everyone know about it in the meetups channel.

  4. Learn more about meetups

Don't just take my word for it.

What others have to say

I love how Kent teaches. He makes a complex topic easy to understand.

Judicaël Andriamahandry profile

Judicaël Andriamahandry

Frontend Engineer

KCD Discord Community is the best community out there. When I first joined the server I was amazed by the environment that I was in! Curated channels, great moderation, and great people to help you all the time. It made me feel like home <3

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