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Chats with Kent Season 5 Wrap-up

This episode marks the end of season five of Chats with Kent, recapping the season's highlights and looking forward to Epic Web Conf 2024.

In this final episode of season five, Kent C. Dodds recaps the enriching conversations with the speakers of Epic WebConf 2024, expressing gratitude and excitement for the upcoming event in April. He encourages listeners, whether planning to attend the conference or not, to revisit the season's episodes for timeless web development advice. While season six remains unplanned, Kent thanks his audience for their continued support and hints at future engagements, urging them to stay tuned.

Meet Kent at Epic Web Conf.



Kent: Hey everyone, it's Kent here and you've reached the end of season five of Chats with Kent. This was an awesome season full of tons of really awesome people. We had great conversations with all of the speakers of Epic Web Conf 2024 and I am really excited about Epic Web Conf coming up here in April. If you still are listening to this before that conference, you still have a chance to come and I hope to see you there.

If you're planning on coming, I'm super glad that you've trusted us with some of your time so that you can come out and join with the fun of all of the people who are going to be there. And as you heard in all of the episodes, all of these speakers are looking forward to meeting you and talking with you. So I hope that you can make it. If you're listening to this after the event, we're going to have all of the talks recorded and uploaded to epicweb .dev slash conf. You'll be able to find them all there.

So definitely head over there if you want to get to watch the talks that these people have given. And also feel free to go through all of the past episodes of the Chats with Kent podcast. There's lots of really timeless advice on these episodes and really great guests that I would love for you to get to know.

So feel free to start all over with season one and listen through all of them because you've got lots of really good learning that you can have here. Thank you again for joining me with season five of Chats with Kent. Season six will happen eventually, but it's not currently planned. So stay tuned and we'll see you around the internet.

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