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Hi, I'm Kent C. Dodds. I help people make the world better through quality software.

Kent C. Dodds

The KCD Community on Discord is a community of people who want to make connections, share ideas, and use software to help make the world a better place. All in an environment that's friendly and respectful (please read and follow the Code of Conduct).

And you're invited to join.

Click here to join the KCD Community on Discord

Things to do


The first task when joining is the onboarding process. The KCD Bot will create a channel for you. The Bot will proceed to ask questions that are mandatory to continue onto the server with everyone else.

In addition to general chat, there are lots of ways to learn and grow with others in the KCD Community on Discord. Here are a few ideas:


Meetups are voice/video chats hosted and managed on the discord.

KCD Community Meetups help develop friendships within the community to make the world a more pleasant place to be for all of us.

Anyone can host a meetup and the topics can cover anything and everything. Kent uses meetups to do coding live streams and even play online party games with folks. It's a lot of fun. Others use meetups to practice giving talks or announce when they're streaming on twitch/youtube.

Learn more about meetups here.

Kent's Office Hours

Another thing Kent uses meetups for is to host weekly office hours. Kent goes live and answers any question you have. You can even share your screen. Really anything you're working on or any general questions you have can be answered during Kent's office hours.

Learn more about office hours here.

KCD Learning Clubs

When we learn together, we learn better, and that's the idea behind the KCD Learning Clubs. Kent definitely recommends taking advantage of these to enhance your own learning experience with my course material or anything else you want to learn.


Moderators are responsible for being good examples of the Code of Conduct. They politely encourage others to do so if they notice slip-ups. Moderators are the gardeners of the Discord. If you're active and helpful in the community, Kent or the mod team will reach out to you for joining us as a moderator for the KCD discord.


We are always open to more suggestions for additional channels.

  • Welcome has channels for introductions and interacting with the bot 🤖
  • KCD is where Kent keeps you up-to-date with the latest of what's going on in the community
  • Meetups is where you interact with folks who host meetups
  • Tech has a little something for everyone. Get/give help. Give yourself a shout-out, etc.
  • Life. There's more to life than tech, so this is where you can talk about life in general, parenting, health, finances, and more.
  • 🚀 Epic React is for helping & discussing every aspect of Epic React 🚀.
  • 🏆 Testing JavaScript is for helping & discussing every aspect of Testing JavaScript 🏆
  • Clubs. Tired of learning by yourself!? This is where you can find or create study groups, how fun 😊!