KCD Teams

KCD Teams are a fun way to engage with others within the KCD Community.

by aboodi vesakaran
by aboodi vesakaran

When you sign up for an account on kentcdodds.com, you can choose between the Red, Yellow, or Blue team. When you connect your KCD account to your Discord account, your username will be set to the color of your team and you'll have access to an exclusive Discord channel for your team.

To be honest, I'm not sure how far this team thing will go (I'm open to suggestions), but I think we could do some fun stuff with it.

Read Rankings

When you read a blog post, that's marked in the database and your team gets points (note, this requires that you're logged in so the proper team to associate the read with is known). Whichever team has the most points gets the highest ranking and "owns" that blog post. You'll notice which team is winning based on the graph at the top and bottom of the post as well as the highlight color throughout the post. There's also an overall leader and that team color controls the color of the blog page.

Because you can choose your own team, the teams can be different sizes, so we don't just compute the teams by total number of blog post reads. Additionally, you get credit for every time you read a blog post.

So here's how it works:

So there you go. That's what the ranking is all about.

Filtering Posts

On the blog page, you can filter posts by team. Simply click on the team stat and it will update your query to show only posts with that team as the leader. Click it again and it will show only posts where that team is not the leader. And clicking it once more will remove that from your query. Give it a shot.

Changing Teams

You can change your team... But it's going to require a bit of work on your part: learn more.