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The goal of the Call Kent Podcast is to get my answers to your questions. You record your brief question (120 seconds or less) right from your browser. Then I listen to it later and give my response, and through the magic of technology (ffmpeg), our question and answer are stitched together and published to the podcast feed.

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110.Is using md5 as key an anti-pattern in react?

react, md5, key

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can i use the md5 checksum of the json data as key for each row in react? so context here is that i have a bunch of rows to show, and they dont have an id, and i can't use index as their order may change. so i am using the md5 of the JSON.stringify of the rows data. but i am thinking that calculating the md5 or sha1 maybe a thing which shouldn't happen in the UI render cycle, specially cause the render can happen many times as things in the top change?

Is using md5 as key an anti-pattern in react?

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