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I am self employed. This page describes some things to give you an idea of where my money comes from (how you can help me keep my business sustainable) and where my money goes (what you're supporting when you support me).


My mission is to make the world a better place with quality software. I do this best by teaching others how to create quality software and hope they use what they learn to make their corner of the world a better place. So far this has gone very well. Many people have expressed to me that as a result of my teaching they've gotten jobs, pay raises, and increased productivity.


My business is profitable. Because of this success, I'm able to push my mission forward even better by offering a great deal of my time and knowledge for free in the form of open source, podcasts (1, 2, 3, 4), my blog, my YouTube channel, my Discord community, etc... However, for my business to be sustainable, I do have several ways that people give me money:

I have a handful of sources of income:

SourceDescriptionWho pays
EpicReact.devA collaborative effort to teach people React. It's packed full of knowledge, some of which is open source. I sell lifetime licenses to access the 350+ videos.Engineers and their employers
TestingJavaScript.comSimilar to EpicReact, but for Testing.Engineers and their employers
Egghead.ioI'm one of many instructors on this platform. I have hundreds of videos teaching JavaScript, React, Testing, and more (though it's not nearly as comprehensive as EpicReact or TestingJavaScript). Many are free to access. Many are paid courses. Egghead charges for a yearly subscription and I get paid based on how long people spend watching my videos relative to other's videos. I also get a bonus when people subscribe with my affiliation links.Engineers and their employers
Live WorkshopsI sell individual tickets to workshops in collaboration with conferences or other partners. Sometimes I will sell an entire workshop or series of workshops to businesses for their engineers.Engineers and their employers
Frontend MastersVery similar to Egghead.Engineers and their employers
ConsultingOccasionally someone will grab an hour of my paid time.Engineers and their employers
Amazon AssociatesAll amazon links you find on my website have my Amazon Affiliate code attached to them and I get a tiny bit of money from that.Amazon

These are sorted (roughly) by the percentage of my income they contribute to. The majority of my income is from (~75%) and (~15%).


Mostly it's stuff like taxes, health insurance, office equipment, business-related travel, hosting costs, collaboration profit sharing, charity donations, Sponsoring other engineers on GitHub, and supporting software companies like Codesandbox. The rest comes to me personally to support my wife, four kids, and our dog and also to invest in our sustainability goals.


I'm doing my best to improve the climate sustainability of my company (as every company should) by investing in sustainable energy generation and transport. My eventual goal is to be carbon negative.

User data

I collect user first names and email addresses as well as some answers to basic career related questions. These are stored in ConvertKit. I do not have access to user accounts on any of my course platforms (including and

I will never ever ever sell user information.

How you can support me best

I appreciate that you're even reading this section, so that's nice support in itself 💖. If you want to financially support me, then buying any of my courses is the best way to both support me and get something out of it yourself. If that's what you want, then you could also send me a one-time tip to


I hope this transparency page gives you an idea of what my incentives are and if you're one of the terrific people who benefit from my free stuff I hope you use that to make your corner of the world a better place. If you're one of the people helping me keep this sustainable by giving me money in one way or another then I thank you all the more.

Take care!

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