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Join Kent C. Dodds for "React Server Components and Actions"

2024-06-19, 2024-08-14, and 2024-09-04

React Summit 2024 (remote)


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React Rally 2024 (Utah)


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React Universe 2024 (Poland)


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The problem statement

The React component model is powerful, but there's always room to push it further.

Using brand new features can be daunting (especially low-level features), but understanding them can give you a head start.

While you just play around with frameworks that implement these features, diving deep into newer APIs allows you to grasp the underlying mechanics and make informed decisions.

To effectively use your abstractions, you need to understand the layers beneath. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge to leverage React Server Components and Actions in any React app.

At the end of this workshop you'll be able to do all of these things yourself.

Here's why you should register for the workshop.

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  1. 01.React Element Serialization

    Learn how React serializes React elements to send them to the client.

  2. 02.Client and Server Components

    Learn the relationship between client and server components and how their module graphs interact to create a seamless user experience.

  3. 03.Streaming Serialized React Elements

    Discover how to stream serialized React elements from the server to the client to improve performance and user experience.

  4. 04.Form Submissions to Server Actions

    Master the technique of submitting forms directly to server actions, streamlining the process and enhancing security.

  5. 05.Managing Pending State

    Understand how to manage pending states for server actions to ensure a smooth and responsive user experience.

  6. 06.Routing and Navigation

    Build out a solid foundation for routing and navigation to get updated server components.

The topics we will be covering.

This is what we will talk about.

    Client Components
    Server Components
    Form Submissions
    Pending State Management
    Routing and Navigation
Required experience

You should have experience with these JavaScript features. This is definitely a very advanced workshop, so you should be very comfortable with React as well.

Important Note

Depending on the questions asked during the workshop, or necessary changes in the material, the actual content of the workshop could differ from the above mentioned topics.

What to expect from a Kent C. Dodds workshop

My primary goal is retention. If you can't remember what I've taught you, then the whole experience was a waste of our time.

With that in mind, we'll follow the teaching strategy I've developed over years of teaching (learn more about my teaching strategy here).

The short version is, you'll spend the majority of time working through exercises that are specifically crafted to help you experiment with topics you may have never experienced before. I intentionally put you into the deep end and let you struggle a bit to prepare your brain for the instruction.

Based on both my personal experience and scientific research around how people learn, this is an incredibly efficient way to ensure you understand and remember what you're learning. This is just one of the strategies I employ to improve your retention. I think you'll love it!

I'm excited to be your guide as we learn together!

Don't just take my word for it.

What others have to say

Even with nearly 2 years of React experience, EpicReact.dev helped me to refresh and even learn better the basic stuff and apply more advanced patterns to real use cases.

Vasilis Drosatos profile

Vasilis Drosatos

Senior Frontend Developer

Before meeting Kent, I was well versed in JS and intermediate in React. After going through his content (EpicReact + TestingJavaScript), asking questions in Discord and office hours, I learned so much that at the end I wrote my own book on React & test driven design!



Staff Engineer, Test Architect - Extend

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React Summit 2024 (remote)


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React Rally 2024 (Utah)


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React Universe 2024 (Poland)


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