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Some of the photos I took for my wife to help me choose what hat to get (we chose the one on the_left)

Why this week's episode of JavaScript Air is canceled and where I'm going...

This week's episode of JavaScript Air is canceled. I will be out of town and I didn't plan far enough in advance to have someone fill in for me. I've had this thing planned for several months and I only just realized last week that I leave before the normal show time. This also means that my normal #eggheadADay will miss a few days and I'll not be responding to emails, GitHub notifications, or AMA questions.

So, TL;DR: I'll be unavailable from June 1 - 4 (Wed - Sat). If you're interested in why, read on:

Where I'm going, and why JS Air is canceled this week

I'll be down in Southern Utah, trekking across miles and miles of desert with a few dozen teenagers dressed in 19th century pioneer clothing for four days. Sound like fun? We'll see! I think it will be an amazing experience.

me wearing an awesome hat with a superman logo

I'm a youth leader for 16 - 18 year old young men in my church (the technical term is "Priest Quorum Advisor"). My church has a rich pioneer history, so many of the congregations will go on what's called a Pioneer Trek for a few days. It gives them an opportunity to experience firsthand the faith and determination of the pioneers. It gives them a taste of what it was like for pioneers to cross the country with nothing but a handcart holding all of their worldly possessions they could fit and cary.

Records of the Mormon pioneer handcart companies are included in the Overland Travel database

I never went on a pioneer trek when I was growing up, so I'm excited to experience this myself. While I'm out there I will have just as much access to modern technology as the early pioneers had: none.

So, why cancel the JS Air episode?

I have yet to miss a broadcast of JavaScript Air. There were a handful of times that I couldn't make it to an Angular Air broadcast. With those times I generally had one of the panelists fill in. This took a bit of planning and a little training (you'd be surprised how much work it takes to put on one of these shows).

This pioneer trek was scheduled months ago. But for some reason I thought we were leaving on Thursday morning and fully expected to be able to make it to the broadcast. It wasn't until last week that I realized we're leaving Wednesday morning which means that I'll not be available for the show.

I didn't want to miss the webpack show, so I rescheduled that for next week. There wasn't enough time for me to find guests and schedule another show and ask a panelist to host a show for the first time. So I've decided to cancel this week's show.

My apologies! Maybe you can take the time you would have watched/listened to the show to learn more about your own heritage (or mine if you're interested) :-)

Edit: I decided to rerun a previous episode this week. If you heard it before you'll still learn something, I promise. It's one of my personal favorites and the most popular show:

See you next week!

P.S. Often in a trek like this one, participants walk in honor of someone specific. I will be representing Arza Erastus Hinckley who was among the heroes of the time who went out to help rescue suffering pioneers.

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