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The goal of the Call Kent Podcast is to get my answers to your questions. You record your brief question (120 seconds or less) right from your browser. Then I listen to it later and give my response, and through the magic of technology (ffmpeg), our question and answer are stitched together and published to the podcast feed.

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99.Remix: ways around window undefined

window, useEffect, remix

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Whilst using remix I realized even after naming a file .client.ts and importing it into the remix page, it does not affect how remix generates html on the server. As an SSR framework it always generates the html on the server and so accessing the window becomes undefined. The solution to that is to run the code in useEffect. I was wondering if there are ways around that instead of having to throw in a bunch of useEffect to solve that. Next.JS has next/dynamic import which can be used and also by setting { ssr: false } , I don't have to worry about window being undefined.


Remix: ways around window undefined

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