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Join Kent C. Dodds for "Advanced Remix"

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The problem statement

Remix is a terrific tool for building simple websites

And it's even better for building complex web applications

What makes Remix special is the mental model is the same regardless of whether you're building a simple website on your own or complex business web application with teams of developers. And it does this with a lightweight abstraction on top of the web platform APIs. Remix scales down to simple stuff and up to the complex stuff.

It's the complex stuff we're going to be talking about in this workshop. Remix will ensure that you can keep things as declarative as possible and keep your app bug-free. And to make it even better, you can ship something simple that works well to start and iterate to the more complex solution without having to rearchitect everything because the mental model remains the same.

At the end of this workshop you'll be able to do all of these things yourself.

Here's why you should register for the workshop.

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  1. 01.Mutations Mental Model

    Understanding how mutations work on the web is critical to building great user experiences for most web apps (it's great that a user can see the data, but can they do anything with it?). So we're going to get a grip on how to think about mutations with Remix (and the web) and how Remix helps you manage that.

  2. 02.Skip busy spinners when you can

    You know how when you favorite a tweet the heart turns red right away, even if you have a slow internet connection? Twitter has implemented what's called "Optimistic UI" for that experience. It makes you feel like the UI is snappier and you trust it more. We'll learn how to do that, and we'll also learn how to handle situations where our optimism was misplaced (like when the tweet you favorited was deleted 😅).

  3. 03.Build server-intelligent UI components

    As fun as it is to build reusable UI components, they often require a fair amount of wiring up to make them very useful for applications. We'll learn how to make reusable components that manage that server component as well. Pretty awesome productivity boost for product teams I'd say!

  4. 04.Create app-level navigation indicators

    Remix is your router as well as your framework, so it can give you everything you need to give the user awesome feedback and a smooth experience as they navigate around your app.

  5. 05.Accessibility with a focus on focus

    Focus management is one of the "side-effects" that React's useEffect was created for, and we'll learn how to use the hooks Remix gives you combined with useEffect to help get the user's focus where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

The topics we will be covering.

This is what we will talk about.

    Optimistic UI
    Optimize Remix's automatic data revalidation
    Data driven components
    Navigation Indicators
    Imperative data mutations
Required experience

You should have experience with these JavaScript features and watch my Beginner's Guide to React or have the equivalent experience. Experience with Remix is a bonus, but not a requirement. This workshop will use TypeScript, but should be completable if you do not have experience with TypeScript.

Important Note

Depending on the questions asked during the workshop, or necessary changes in the material, the actual content of the workshop could differ from the above mentioned topics.

What to expect from a Kent C. Dodds workshop

My primary goal is retention. If you can't remember what I've taught you, then the whole experience was a waste of our time.

With that in mind, we'll follow the teaching strategy I've developed over years of teaching (learn more about my teaching strategy here).

The short version is, you'll spend the majority of time working through exercises that are specifically crafted to help you experiment with topics you may have never experienced before. I intentionally put you into the deep end and let you struggle a bit to prepare your brain for the instruction.

Based on both my personal experience and scientific research around how people learn, this is an incredibly efficient way to ensure you understand and remember what you're learning. This is just one of the strategies I employ to improve your retention. I think you'll love it!

I'm excited to be your guide as we learn together!

Don't just take my word for it.

What others have to say

I was speechless the moment Kent C Dodds started teaching me about Compound Components, In Epic React Course. The quality of content he puts on for the community is incredible.

Amandeep Kochhar profile

Amandeep Kochhar

Full Stack Developer

Kent C. Dodds has a remarkable ability to dive deep into the core of React while maintaining crystal-clear explanations.

Rija Nifaliana profile

Rija Nifaliana

Senior Frontend Engineer

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