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The goal of the Call Kent Podcast is to get my answers to your questions. You record your brief question (120 seconds or less) right from your browser. Then I listen to it later and give my response, and through the magic of technology (ffmpeg), our question and answer are stitched together and published to the podcast feed.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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128.Advice for a company afraid of using Node

Node, Remix, SPA

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I work at a smaller developer company with a big backend team. Everybody is afraid of using NodeJS so we're limited to simple SPAs as those only need an NGINX server and you're good to go. I was pushing for NextJS and nowadays Remix as I really like it, but I always feel blocked. What should I do? How could I convince my colleagues to give Remix a try?

Advice for a company afraid of using Node

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