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The goal of the Call Kent Podcast is to get my answers to your questions. You record your brief question (120 seconds or less) right from your browser. Then I listen to it later and give my response, and through the magic of technology (ffmpeg), our question and answer are stitched together and published to the podcast feed.

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14.How does Remix manage many CSS files in a page?

css, remix, style

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That’s a follow-up question to Call Kent Podcast 09 “How to style?"

Did you mention on "Call Kent Podcast 09 - How to style?" the remix capability to get the link tags removed from the page when the route is no longer active and with that, the styles could get removed as well, helping to avoid CSS clashes.

How does Remix manage situations where the page that is active has multiple components, and those components are using different CSS files and potentially changing the same selector style (both could be changing the p tag)? Or even if the page itself is using multiple CSS files?

How does remix manage situations where it needs to handle multiple CSS files that need to be used on the page that is active and it still needs to avoid clashes?

Thanks for answering, Kent!

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