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The goal of the Call Kent Podcast is to get my answers to your questions. You record your brief question (120 seconds or less) right from your browser. Then I listen to it later and give my response, and through the magic of technology (ffmpeg), our question and answer are stitched together and published to the podcast feed.

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45.Full stack framework vs front-end with saas

Saas, fullstack, MVP

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I have a question with regards to building out a minimum viable product. I am comparing using a full stack framework like django, that includes authentication and arm’s and routing and all the batteries builtin, versus creating a react app with all the backend farmed out to saas offering like auth0 for auth and the millions of sql/nosql/graphql.

With django approach, you have simple dynamic pages with server side generation and when you’re ready you can separate out the frontend to something built with react, import django rest framework and have your backend api ready to go

With the saas approach you can just focus on the front-end and scale as much as you want. And then build your own custom services to reduce costs when you’re ready. But you have to deal with integrating all those saas services to your application.

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